Public space / theatre

Created: 2019
Duration: 45 minutes
Classification: to all public


“Maiador” is an expression of the north-eastern countryside of Brazil that means «the flat place where the cattle rests». Unlike the corral, it is that shade in the middle of the pasture where the cattle takes refuge and rests during the hottest time of the day.

The Show Maiador also brings these qualities, these moments of refuge and encounters in the middle of our daily life, it recreates this “Maiador” into each new space, loaded with our personal and cultural references. The public, a fundamental part of this encounter, holds our circle. Everyone is invited to experience a part of the Brazilian popular culture through traditional live music and dance that happen spontaneously on the stage and merge with acrobatics and contemporary dance.

Technical Needs

Scenic Area
– Width 8 meters (minimum) x depth 8 meters (minimum) x Height 8 meters (minimum)
– Anchorage points (Chinese pole) 3 or 4 anchor points – Resistance per point: 500 kg (pole, pillar, chemical anchors, screw plates on the ground, trees) or to predict the implantation of 3 or 4 clamps * – Depth approx. 1
meter. (* In this case, the organizer must inform himself about
the channeling on the ground and mark them. The company is
not responsible for any wear and tear of this order).

Idéal: Linoleum
Required: Flat, flat, without slope floor (to avoid: Grass, Cobblestone, ground floor)

Electrical distribution to the sound system

We come with:
-Instruments: 1 viola and 1 guitar with P10 output and 2 condenser microphones (for flute, tambourine and voice amplification) capture from 1 to 2 meters.

The event should provide:

  • An amplification system, provided by the organizer, adapted to the space and size of the event.
  • 1 sound table with 6 channels Microphone cables of approx. 15m and 5m for microphones; direct box to connect viola and guitar on the table.
  • The wiring required to connect the sound system to the table.
  • 1 microphone stand Information.

+ Maximum two presentations per day with a minimum interval of one hour between one presentation and another.
+ Scenic setting.
+ Semi-arena or frontal configuration.
+ Photographer.

Performers and Creators:

Marina Collares | Ronan Lima | Edgar Ramos | Diana Bloch

External Look: Benjamin de Matteïs (France)

Music Director: Ari Vinicius (Brazil)

Hand to hand Supervision: Manu Buttner (France)

Broadcasting Brazil: Difusa Arueira (Brazil)

Broadcasting International: Nico Agüero (France)

International Administration: Les Thérèses (France)

Coproduction and Artistic Residence:
La Batoude Center des Arts du Cirque et de la Rue – Beauvais – France

Support in Artistic Residency:

  • La Grainerie – Toulouse – France
  • Le Fort – Montbel – France
  • Ilha de Mato – Bahia – Brazil
  • Circo da Lua – Bahia – Brazil
  • Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
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