Cia Delá Praká

The Company was born in 2007 in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil during an encounter of artists which were interested in deconstructing the traditional aesthetics of the circus through contemporary dance.

In 2009 Ronan Lima and Marina Collares travel to Europe and create «Entretreâmbicos», performing at festivals in France and Spain and organizing their first independent tour of social circus in Africa (Mali and Guinea Conakry).

In 2011 they settle in Barcelona and realize their second creation «Nois um», a show of Dance and Circus. With this work CIA has performed in more than 14 countries, and has held around 400 presentations at Street Art, Circus and Dance Festivals in Europe and Latin America.

From 2012 to 2014 Marina and Ronan attended and graduated the school “Le Lido, Centre des arts du cirque” of Toulouse. In 2016 they created the show “UEIA” with Claudio Martinez, in the program of professional insertion of the school.

The company developed their own language made of dance, acrobatics, hand to hand and movements influences by capoeira.

In 2017 they invited Edgar Ramos and Diana Bloch to create together the new show “Maiador”, which is already included in the program of various festivals in Brazil, Latin America and Europe.


She entered the circus in 2004 in Brasilia. Joined the cast of Cia Intrépida Trupe from 2012 to 2014 and Cia Sarabanda (Italy) in 2014 and 2015. Graduated from the technical course Dancer Contemporary at the Angel Vianna School in 2014. In this course she met Edgar Ramos, with whom She created the Circus group « Nó de Gravata.» She attended the Professional Training in Theater “Vers an acteur pluriel» in “Le Ring » in Toulouse-FR in 2016. Today She is part of the cast of” Maiador “by Cia Delá Praká (BRA-FR).


He began capoeira, acrobatics and contemporary dance as a child. In 2006 he graduated in Physical Education. During attending the National School of Circus (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) he met Marina Collares, with whom creates the Cia Delá Praká and the show “Nois Um”. He studied at AREA Spai in Dansa i Creció (Barcelona – Spain) and then at the Le Lido school, Center des Arts du Cirque Toulouse – FR, where he specialized with Marina in acrobatic duo. With Cia Delá Praká, they conquered the world by giving presentations and workshops, performing in more than 14 countries.


She has been a dancer since childhood. She started with classical ballet and graduated in contemporary dance at Angel Vianna College. She got enchanted by the circus and joined the National School of Circus (Rio de Janeiro – BRA). In partnership with Ronan Lima, she developed her research on acro-dance and acrobatic duo. She attended AREA Spai of Dansa i Creació and MOVEO International School of Dramatic Body Mime (Barcelona- Spain) and graduated Le Lido, Center des Arts du Cirque Toulouse-FR.

With Cia Delá Praká, she continued to tour international festivals.


In 2007 he started taking circus classes. He joined the cast of Cia Intrépida Trupe from 2012 to 2014. During this same period, he studied the technical course Contemporary Dancer by the Angel Vianna School. Graduated the Le Lido, circus school – Toulouse/France, and in 2016 he got specialized in the Chinese pole. Today he is part of the cast of “Maiador” by Cia Delá Praká (BRA-FR).