In this class we will investigate the different possibilities of merging the contemporary dance with acrobacy, searching for fluid connexions, minimising the effort and using the natural flow of the movement in an organic manner. We will explore our bodies, adapting to the technical level of each student. We will offer tools to assist us in investigating the movement, as well as a technical base, with the purpose of criating autonomy inside of the training and of the personal investigation.

As technics, we will use:

Contemporary dance, acrobatics, capoeira and improvisation.


  • Develop flow, easyness and softness in the acrobatic movement.
  • Explore the weight transfer, using different body parts as support.
  • Minimize the effort by recycling the energy generated by the previous movement, creating fluid connections.
  • Awaken the center (abdominal region) and use it as the engine of the movement.
  • Learn to gently enter and leave the ground.
  • Creatively seek the potentialities of the bodies .

Other workshops:

  • Acrobatic Duo ( hand to hand)
  • Capoeira Angola
  • Chinese pole
  • Creation with aerial devices
  • Contemporary dance