Work in progress // 2017 – 2019



Do you know what is Maiador?

It is not only a composition of circus, dance and rhythms.

Maiador is made of rimes, joy, images and encounters.

Mixing and reinventing all the time, everywhere.

It is a work that captivates us. It centers us and it shakes us up in

the same time.

It is a work of pole, jumps and impulses. Circus-diversity. Music-identity.

It sings and disenchants. It spreads and concentrates. It is strong

and flexible.

Us, the Brazilians, bring an organized chaos.

That the more you know, the less you forget.

This encounter of dance and acrobatics that is the Maiador, it

reveals our own essence.

Calendar of creation:

  • Novembro 2017 –  « Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro -  Brasil.
  • Dezembro 2017 – Rio das Ostras – Brasil
  • Février 2018 – Circo de Lua, Serra Grande, Bahia.
  • Março 2018 – Ilha do Mato – Vale du Capão, Bahia – Brésil.
  • Abril  2018 –  Ilha do Mato – Vale du Capão, Bahia – Brésil.
  • Abril 2018 – visita mestre Claudio  « Angoleiros do Sertão »-  Feira de Santana, Bahia – Brasil
  • Junho a Novembro – Residencia na Europa (França / Espanha)