The CIA DELÁ PRAKÁ was born from the meeting of 3 young people who studied at the National Circus School of Rio de Janeiro and  ”Faculdade de Dança Angel Vianna” in Brazil. His first concerns and research were made in 2007 with the aim of deconstructing the traditional aesthetics of the circus through contemporary dance. Investigating mainly juggling (clave, swing and ball contact) they created their first number «Claveando» with support of the Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2008 they participated in the competition «Malabares Rio» receiving the award of “honorable mention” with the number «Duolado», also presenting at the street theater festival of Angra dos Reis. In 2009, the members of the company Ronan Henrique and Marina Collares travel to Europe and create their first show “Entretreâmbicos” presenting at festivals in France and Spain and also organize their first independent tour of social circus in Africa (Mali and Guiné Conacri) presented in universities , Youth Homes and low-income school.

In 2012 they settled in Barcelona and made their second creation with the support of the Centro Civic Drassanes creating the show «Nois um», a show of Acro dance and Circus. With this work destined for Rua, Cia obtains an important professional insertion acting in renowned Street, Circus and Dance Art Festivals in Europe and Latin America. Today these artists will perform around 300 performances in 14 different countries with this show.

The company develops its own language based on dance, acrobatics, acrobatic duo and a gesture influenced by capoeira. Articulating the sweetness of dance with the impact of the circus in a poetic way, in the search for a three-dimensional body that takes advantage of the natural flow of the movement in an organic way.

We have being in:


Residence at “Centro Coreografico do Rio de Janeiro” where they create their first show “Claveando” (fusion of juggling with clubs and contemporary dance) – 2006
Studys at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro – 2005, 2006
Leaded AcroDance Workshop for dance company “Intrépida Trup” Rio de Janeiro – 2012


Residence of a month Normand – France, participating in the project “Atourcirc” giving and receiving classes (trapeze, acrobatic individual).


Rue La belle Festival – 2008
Festival de Théâtre de Rue, Aurillac – 2008 and 2011
Festival D’Avignon – 2008 and 2009
Festarts – Libourne 2012


Buskers festival, Bydcoszcz -2011


Kultruffer Friedrichshafen 2011.2012
Yoga Vidya Musik Festival – 2012


Zücher Theater Spektakel,   Zurich – 2011, 2012


Linz Pflasterspektakel 2012


Studied at the contemporary dance school “Area” in Barcelona Spain – 2010, 2011
Fira de Teatre al Carrer Tàrrega – 2008, 2009 and 2011
4 Quarterada Theatre Santa Eugenia, Mallorca – 2011
Fira de Circ al carrer – 2008
Barcelona yoga conference July 2012


Tour independent circus in Mali and Guine Con Acri making shows and giving workshops in primary and secondary schools, youth social centers, Universities and neighborhoods with limited resources. In Guine Con Acry and Segou (Mali) taught contemporary dance to dance groups receiving African traditional dance classes from them. – 2009

Currently – Toulouse,France:

Now finis the studying at “Le Lido, Centre des Arts du Cirque” in Toulouse; continue to develop their  artistic research, specializing in hand to hand.